Selling FAQ

How do I determine the value of my home?

Our experienced real estate agents will conduct a comprehensive market analysis, considering factors like recent sales in the area, property condition, and current market trends. 

What is the best time to sell my home?

The optimal time to sell can vary, but generally, spring and early summer tend to be popular. However, local market conditions and your personal circumstances can also influence the decision. 

How long does the selling process usually take?

The timeline can vary, but on average, it takes about 60 to 90 days from listing to closing. Factors such as market demand, property condition, and pricing strategy can impact the speed of the sale. 

What can I do to prepare my home for sale?

Our team will provide personalised recommendations, but common suggestions include decluttering, minor repairs, enhancing curb appeal, and staging to make the property more appealing to potential buyers. 

Do I need to hire a professional photographer?

Yes, professional photography is crucial in creating a positive first impression online. High-quality photos can significantly impact the marketing of your property. 

How do you determine the listing price?

We use a combination of market analysis, property condition assessment, and current market trends to determine a competitive and realistic listing price. 

What costs are involved in selling my home?

Costs may include real estate agent commissions, closing costs, potential repair or improvement expenses, and marketing costs. Our team will provide a detailed breakdown during the consultation. 

How do I handle showings and open houses?

We’ll coordinate showings and open houses based on your preferences. We’ll work with you to establish convenient schedules and ensure your property is presented in the best light. 

Should I be present during showings?

While it’s not necessary, it’s generally recommended for sellers to leave during showings to make potential buyers feel more comfortable exploring the property and discussing their thoughts with their agent. 

What happens once I receive an offer?

We will present all offers to you, providing guidance and answering any questions. You’ll have the opportunity to accept, reject, or negotiate the terms of the offer. 

How does the closing process work?

The closing process involves legal and financial transactions to transfer ownership. Our team will guide you through each step, ensuring a smooth and efficient closing. 

Can I sell my home if I still have a mortgage?

Yes, you can sell your home even if you have a mortgage. The proceeds from the sale will be used to pay off the remaining mortgage balance, and any remaining funds will be yours. 

What role does the real estate agent play in the selling process?

Real estate agents handle various aspects, including marketing, negotiations, paperwork, and ensuring a smooth transaction. Their expertise is invaluable in maximising the value of your property and navigating potential challenges. 

How do I handle offers below my asking price?

Our team will help you evaluate each offer and strategise the best response. We may negotiate with the buyer to reach a mutually acceptable price. 

What can I do if my home is not selling?

If your home is not generating offers, we will reassess the marketing strategy, pricing, and overall presentation. Adjustments can be made to attract potential buyers.