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Basil Bay Precinct Keswick Island, MACKAY QLD 4740


Land: 1708



LOT DP Basil Bay Precinct, Keswick Island, approximately 34 km NE from the coast of Mackay Qld Australia

· Large 1708m² elevated block, situated in a quiet and exclusive residential location.

· Views overlooking beautiful Egremont Passage where the whales visit each year. Across the passage your view will encompass the picturesque Saint Bees Island consisting of beautiful bays and sandy beaches and is 100% national park. Below Block DP adjoining the shores of Keswick Island is an area called the Coral Gardens consisting of some of Keswick Islands finest plate corals and many other types of corals.

· Enjoy great fishing, boating, snorkelling. Diving locations include several wreck sites to explore.

· All lots on the island are Subleases under a Head Lease that is owned/managed by the current developer of Keswick Island.

Keswick Island has been carefully planned to preserve and enhance its natural attractions. The theme of construction is carefully designed to ensure low impact on the environment and visual aspects of the island. A building guideline is available when you enquire. Existing residents have both land line and mobile phone access along with high-speed internet. Of the islands 517 hectares 400 hectares is national park and the remaining development area is 117 hectares. There is a 25-hectare marine lease included in the development lease. The untouched subtropical vegetation is surrounded by a stunning coastline of white sandy beaches, cliffs, and rocky shorelines to explore.

Photos: Due to many tall trees on the block some of these photos were taken by drone hovering above the trees to depict the potential views from this block. The block is a gentle slope from the top NW corner to the bottom of the block. Beyond the block the contour drops steeply down to the national park area below that adjoins the shoreline.


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